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Custody and Visitation Information

There is a three-step process for obtaining Custody, Partial Custody or Visitation in the Courts in Cambria County. You must:

  1. file a Complaint for Custody and Visitation;
  2. appear at a pre-conference hearing;
  3. and appear at a final hearing.
In addition to this three-step process, you must also attend a HUGS class.

The Process

In regard to Custody and Visitation matters, an IFP Petition is filed at the same time as the filing of the Complaint for Custody and Visitation. This is important since the costs for filing a Complaint is $100.00 and the costs for the HUGS class is $80.00. If the IFP petition is not filed at the same time as the Complaint, then the person filing the complaint MUST pay the $100.00 and $80.00 costs at the time the complaint is filed.

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Last updated on September 30, 2014